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Diverse Testing Portfolio
Specializing in diverse lipid analyses, we are able to serve numerous sectors, including, but not limited to, the agrifood, nutritional supplement and health product sectors.
Trusted Leaders
Our scientific team led by world renowned Dr. Bruce Holub, Ph.D (Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph), is devoted to the ongoing study of fatty acids, specializing in DHA/EPA and Omega-3's.
Celebrating 30 Years
Our laboratory is fully equipped with the most advanced technologies and chromatographic systems for conducting specialized research and analysis.

Why Choose Lipid Anaytical?

As the Lab Director at Lipid Analytical Laboratories, I often juggle various contending priorities, including keeping up to date with the competitive market, updating internal processes, the professional development of our staff, and financial management. However, the most crucial to our lab is realizing that our work can influence critical decisions made by our customers and other users of our analytical results.

These can be business decisions that affect the public's health and safety, such as a food producer determining whether a product is safe to consume or has the added health benefits it claims. In addition, there's the demand from consumers on businesses for assurances that the products and services they purchase will meet their expectations and adhere to specific regulatory requirements.

So then, how can you be confident that the data you rely on is infallible as a decision-maker? How do you determine that the lab you will be working with is qualified to conduct the testing?

The answer is Accreditation.

At Lipid Analytical Laboratories, we demonstrate our commitment to a secure and well-established quality system that adheres to our globally recognized ISO 17025 accreditation to ensure continued competency and quality of results.

We continually evaluate our policies, methods and instrumentation to increase efficiencies while maintaining the highest accuracy of results and offering competitive fees to meet our clients’ expectations.

We care and listen to our customers' needs and expectations and strive to exceed expectations.

Based on internationally accepted testing and measurement practices, this highly regarded performance standard allows us to support businesses seeking global expansion. Thus, minimizing or eliminating the need to re-test your product(s) in another country as an exporter.

Andrew Jenkins, MSc. Biochemistry, Lab Director & Partner