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Oxidation Analysis
Peroxide value (PV), anisidine value (AV) and acid value (AcV) testing for the oxidative analysis of marine oils and refined food oils.

Oxidation Testing

Nutraceutical oil results show an overview of oxidation factors including peroxide, anisidine and acid values to determine oxidation measurements and free fatty acid content.

Method Summary

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The degree of oxidation is an essential factor for the quality of fat or oil. Lipids are chemically unstable and will readily undergo free-radical chain reactions that work to deteriorate lipids and produce oxidative fragments; some of which are volatile and are perceived as off-flavour or rancid. These methods are applicable to crude and refined oils (animal, vegetable, marine) as well as various products derived from them.

Peroxide Value

Primary oxidation in oil mainly forms hydroperoxides, which are measured by this test. Hydroperoxides react with iodide ions to form iodine and the Peroxide Value is determined by titration. In general, the lower the peroxide value, the lower the oxidation state of the oil. A low Peroxide Value helps to ensure high product quality and longer shelf-life stability.

Reference: AOCS Official Method - Method Cd 8b-90
Data Reporting: meq/kg

Anisidine Value

The secondary stage of oxidation occurs when the hydroperoxides decompose to form carbonyls and other compounds, in particular aldehydes which are often what gives an oil a rancid smell. The analysis method for Anisidine Value determines the amount of aldehyde (principally 2-alkenals and 2,4-dienals) in oils and fats with a spectrophotometer.

Reference: Modified AOCS Official Method – Cd 18-90
Data Reporting: A.U. (Arbitrary Units)

Acid Value

The Acid Value is a measure of the free fatty acids present in the fat or oil. The increment of free fatty acids indicates hydrolysis of triglycerides (and other lipid classes). The method is used to determine the free acid value in fats and oils is based on titration.

Reference: Modified AOCS Official Method – Cd 3d-63
Data Reporting: mg KOH/g
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