Webinar: The Role of Personalized Omega-3 Spot Testing 12/9/2020

Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns we were unable to hold a physical seminar, so a webinar was held in it's place to reach out to our clients and other interested parties on December 9th with the topic "The Role of Personalized Omega-3 Spot Testing."

This webinar addresses:

  • How measured levels of omega-3 fatty acids provide a risk assessment (high, medium, low)
  • How measured blood spot levels correspond to the risk for premature infant birth in the case of pregnancy testing, cognitive and visual development/performance in infants/toddlers based on breast milk spot testing during lactation
  • The risks for pregnancy outcomes, heart disease, and sudden cardiac death, all-cause mortality, and age-related cognitive deterioration based on blood spot testing in adults
  • How if 'high - risk' levels are found, can be restored to 'low-risk' levels within a relatively short time period via increasing EPA/DHA intakes using diet (fish/seafood) and/or omega-3 supplementation
  • The confirmation of restoration to the low-risk status by repeat blood or breast milk spot testing

For those of you that weren't able to attend or would like to further review what was covered during the webinar here's an upload of the webinar in it's entirety, weighing in at just over an hour and ten minutes in runtime.